Friday, October 23, 2015

my heartbeat

Thanks for spend time with me sayang .  Honestly, i love u so much . b syg sgt tau kat jannah .
i don't want anyone else . i want you be the last partner for me . b dah makin happpy sekarang (':
iloveumysweetheart <3

Makin hari makin sayang kat awak . Don't leave me . why? because i won't leave u behind .
b selalu ada dgn syg . support u , take care of you and for sure be the perfect partner for you :*The moment when u accept me in your life was a great moment for me . b pun tak sangka kita dah rapat sgt sekarang . You already know me well . Tak pernah ada org yg layan b, mcm mana syg layan sekarang . Too perfect. Sangat selesa dah .Thats why b tak nak start all over again . Cukup la b jaga yg sekarang baik2 . Promise(:
Ape pun , thanks a lot my dear . muahhhhh :*