Saturday, October 17, 2015

Just A few Day Left .

iloveyoumuchmydearwife !
NurulJannahBtRosly :*
Thank you my dear for stay with me till now . Thank you for wish my birthday and the present . B suka sangat . b selalu happy je syg . No worries . I will keep my promise . Now , kita dah makin rapat . Sangat rapat . b makin syg taw . You're perfect to me my dear . b akn setia dgn syg . For sure i want be a perfect partner for you :* b tak pernah bosan pun , after all along we're going together , our relationship getting better . Syg pun dah makin faham b , sikap b , perangai b , everything about me . i'll promise will take care of you syg and be a good hubby for you.  b tau syg selalu behave, selalu syg b , ingat b . LotsofLove from your hubby *kiss