Saturday, August 8, 2015

I'll Try

Ya, i know . We don't know each other very well yet. But, its not a reason for me to not fall in love . Because i trust myself  and my love.  I don't wanna to lose you too (': . I will keep control this feeling, i'm happy being right this now . Enough for me . Not expected to much . I'm sorry, if i'm so greedy or being too much hoping towards you. We're 21 now. I won't play around with someone anymore . This gonna be serious . I know, we're never know when tomorror comes and what happen to us in future. Haaaa, its okay . I'll try the best . I won't change my decision. I'm not seek for a perfection, but i'm seek for the person that can make me happy and comfortable with me. That what i feel with you till now. Happy.  Fyi, i already love you so much right now . Thank you.