Monday, January 2, 2012

great day ;D

me ,her and my mum <3
#kalau tak lawa ,amik lg taw .hihi

i hope one day we're family :')

skype with her :D

great day ? haaa~ i don't know why i said this was a great day . i felt something different with her & my mom also . my mom really sporting in this day .she give me permission to accompany her walk-to-walk until her house .love u lahh ~! but ,i haven't opportunity to meet her parents :'( this is the last day i meet her ;'( .tak tau lah ble ada kesempatan lagi .maybe lepas dia SPM .wow ! great--' ."kejap" sgt ! .its okayh .i'm waiting for u dear:)

# sy tak boleh nmpak
ANJING .u know why ? beacuse i will always imagine your scream when u'see the DOG .hehe