Saturday, May 21, 2011

feeling ?

why? why? why? why? why? why ?
is that i MISS SOMEONE ?
i don't knoww what i feel rite know.just latelyy i'll alwayz thinkingg of her ouh ;emm,whoose?.maybe she :)
i gonna mish her soon.sometimes i doesn't appreciate what she do to me.errgh.i can't see that 'TRUE LOVE' from is blind.isn't stupid decision ever i made?.if i'll try to move on that relationship,i can't prove that she'll happy.:( .alot of sadness and dissapointed maybe she going this situation,its a destiny have a bigPRICED at me.i can't blame anyone.all people have their advantage and,regret is REGRET CAN'T CHANGES ANYTHING.i can't previous the time like a video and i can't an apparatus for measuring our situation..may ALLAH show me the way:).
'awakk'.adakah hati saya kata saya sukaa awakk ? em,
i mishh them :
-halysa yusaa
-kak aimi
-kak miera
-batch 3pk3,2009