Thursday, December 16, 2010


nurfarahshahira,, it confiucious and i'm here.wake up!.i don't know why you alwayz like avoid something from me,is that anything going wrong about me?.just tell me the truth,don't makebuffling.evnthough sometmes i like to be ego or what else,nothing to meant i forget or released you free hand,nope!.i'm a human being,its normal,alwayz have a problem in our life included you..come on dear,i need you to be understanding,talkative and not a passive girl,i don't want to be two-timing.i want you to be my sweety twosome and passenger in my heart,forever passenger..can u?.huhu
soon,you'll be working,i hope you can more successful of you work.keep working dear!,bole la t pkai myvi.hehe._keep trying to be somebody of your love..don't ever say i leave you_you're  some of my property,.
ilysdm!.-mien-                 nurfarahshahira